Management and organisation

Sikt is a public administrative body under the Ministry of Education and Research. Sikt has approx. 400 employees. Our main office is in Trondheim, with offices also in Bergen and Oslo.

Sikt – Norwegian Agency for Shared Services in Education and Research was established on 1 January 2022.

The organisation is the result of a merger between NSD (Norwegian Center for Research Data AS), Uninett AS and Unit – the Norwegian Directorate for ICT and Joint Services in Higher Education & Research.

Sigma 2 is a subsidiary of Sikt. Sigma 2 has strategic responsibility for, and operates, the national e-infrastructure for computer science in Norway. They provide services within HPC (High Performance Computing) and storage of research data for researchers and research institutions. Sigma2 are located with Sikt in Trondheim.

Organisational map

Organization chart for Sikt
Organisational map of Sikt



Director: Roar Olsen

Divisions and departments

The Data and Infrastructure Division
Director: Tom Are Røtting

The Education and Administration Division
Director: Terje Mørland

The Research and Knowledge Resources Division
Director: Vigdis Kvalheim

The divisjon of joint services
Director:  Inger-Lise Strøm