Deposit your research data

Sikt accepts and archives research data on people and society and makes the data accessible for reuse. We will assist you with documenting your research data and choosing the right access conditions.

We make sure that the data are safeguarded and accessible for at least 10 years, with a long-term preservation commitment of at least 50 years for high-value and highly curated data.

Sikt’s main focus is quantitative data matrices on individuals, organisations, administrative, political, and geographical actors.

How to deposit and share your research data

  • Sikt’s archive is responsible at a national level for archiving and sharing data from the social sciences, humanities, and parts of medical and health research
  • We can archive all types of digital research data, including data that requires special handling or permissions, such as personal data. 
  • Data should be shared as openly as possible, and as closed as necessary. That means data can't have more restrictive usage and access conditions than necessary. 

Guidance for depositing data

Sikt's Data Catalogue

See data in our archives that is available for reuse

Contact us

Do you have questions about depositing data? Please read the guidance above or email us at 

Certified archive

Our research data archive is certified with CoreTrustSeal, and we are a Norwegian service provider to the European research infrastructure CESSDA ERIC.

Since 2014, we have had an agreement to archive research data on behalf of the National Archives of Norway.

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