Sikt’s privacy policy

This privacy policy describes how Sikt collects and processes personal data.

Contact information for Sikt’s Data Protection Officer

It is important to us that you know what kind of personal data we process, so that you can safeguard your rights in accordance with data protection legislation.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or the assessments we have made, you can contact us at

You can also contact Sikt’s Data Protection Officer directly:

Øyvind Straume
Postal address: Abels gate 5A,
NO-7030 Trondheim
Telephone: +47 900 11 395

NB: Email is not secure! Please do not send sensitive personal information

Following written enquiries, you are entitled to a response without undue delay, and after no more than 30 days.

When Sikt collects personal data

We mainly use data about you in the following cases:

  • You have sent us an enquiry
  • You have registered for one of our services
  • You have asked for access pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act
  • You have registered for an event
  • You have subscribed to our newsletter
  • You have applied for a job with us
  • You are a journalist and have contacted us for a statement
  • You are visiting our website

Access pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act

As a public agency, Sikt has a duty to keep a journal pursuant to section 10 of the Freedom of Information Act. Information and correspondence which should be archived must be logged in the journal.

The main rule pursuant to section 3 of the Freedom of Information Act is that our case documents, journals and similar registers must be available to the public.

This means, for example, that anyone can read the content of the correspondence we have logged in the journal. This is unless the documents are exempt from public disclosure, for example if they are subject to a duty of confidentiality.

Sikt uses eInnsyn, which is an open, public search service which anyone can use to search for and order access to letters and documents.


When you phone us, your phone number will be stored in two different places:

  1. With the provider of our telephony services. Your phone number will be stored, along with information such as when you phoned and how long the phone call lasted.
  2. In our case management system. Your number, name, company and email will be registered, along with information about what the enquiry was about.

This log is kept so that we can follow up on phone calls if we need to, for example to phone people who have contacted us to provide clarification or ask for more information.


If you contact us via the contact form or main email address, your enquiry will always be registered in our case management system. Some of the enquiries are also stored in the archive system.

Our services

We process personal data about you if you use our services. For more information about the various services and what information is used in each service, please see our list of services.

Sikt generally processes data on behalf of the university and college sector.

Visits to our websites

Sikt uses Matomo and Siteimprove to analyse the use of our website. The purpose is to improve and continue to develop, so that our visitors can find and understand the information they are looking for.

The legal basis for processing this is article 6, no. 1 f) of the General Data Protection Regulation. This makes it lawful for us to perform such processing of information which is necessary to safeguard our legitimate interests and provide our customers and partners with good-quality information.

We use the analysis tools Matomo and Siteimprove. Our configuration of Matomo and Siteimprove does not install cookies in your browser, and does not collect information about IP addresses or other personal data.

The information that is collected via Matomo is stored locally on dedicated servers in Norway (On-premise).

Participants at our events

When you register for an event, we will ask you for information such as your name, contact information and workplace. If food will be served at the event, we will also ask about any dietary issues.

The purpose of the data is to provide information to participants, administer and organise events and prepare lists of participants for participants. The information will be stored until the event is over. Photos and video recordings may made at our events.

The legal basis for processing is article 6, no. 1 letter f) of the General Data Protection Regulation, which allows us to process information which is necessary to safeguard legitimate interests which are considered more important than the data protection of the individual. The legitimate interests are to put on events in a professional manner.


If you apply for a job at Sikt, we need to process information about you in order to evaluate your application. The appointment process involves processing the information that you provide us through the documents you send us, including your application, CV, diplomas and references.

As well as inviting you to an interview if necessary, Sikt may also make other enquiries, typically by communicating with the jobseeker’s references.

We process personal data in connection with job applications which we receive. The purpose of this processing is to appoint new employees when needed. Sikt uses Jobbnorge to administer applications which are submitted for our vacant positions.

The legal basis for processing is article 6, no. 1 letter b, for evaluating documentation that has been submitted, holding interviews and phoning references. This provision allows us to process personal data when we need to take action at the jobseeker’s request before signing a contract.

By applying for a job and uploading documents, we consider that the jobseeker is asking us to evaluate the documentation submitted, hold interviews and phone references with a view to signing a contract of employment.

All information comes from the jobseeker, and the information is not passed on, except to public lists of applicants. These are passed on if someone requests access.

Job applications are stored in JobbNorge’s jobseeker system. General applications are deleted within 120 days, and applications which have been given the employed or interviewed status are deleted within 540 days.

Your rights

When we process information about you, you have the right to:

  • information about our processing,
  • access to information about you (including copies)
  • rectification of information that is incorrect or incomplete,
  • have information deleted,
  • have processing restricted,
  • object to our processing, and to data portability.

For processing that is based on consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent. If you have asked us to rectify, delete or restrict the use of personal data about you, we will notify any parties who may have received these data, such as our data processors. Certain cases are exempt from these rights.

We hope that you will tell us if you think that Sikt is not abiding by the rules in our processing of personal data. We have a duty to log enquiries, which are handled by the HR and Organisation department.

Please note that you may also complain about our processing of personal data to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.