Sikt – Norwegian Agency for Shared Services in Education and Research

Research, innovation, and entrepreneurship is vital for developing the Norwegian and international society. Sikt seeks to be a stable and reliable provider of products and services for this sector.

Through cooperation with our users and customers, we provide a shared infrastructure for Education and Research that ensures excellent user experiences in compliance with our general goals for digitisation, data sharing and open research.

About Sikt

Sikt – Norwegian Agency for Shared Services in Education and Research was established on 1 January 2022 through a merger between NSD (Norwegian Centre for Research Data AS), Uninett AS and Unit – the Directorate for ICT and Joint Services in Higher Education & Research.

The organisation is a public administrative body under the Ministry of Education and Research. Our mission is to help Education and Research achieve its goals by providing shared, value-adding services you can trust.

Sikt has approximately 400 employees across its head office in Trondheim and additional offices in Bergen and Oslo.

The Ministry of Education and Research’s goals for Sikt

• Education and Resarch has solid access to infrastructure and shared services that provide excellent user experiences
• More data sharing for innovation and increased value creation
• More open research and new research opportunities
• Reinforced information security and privacy for Education and Research

Social responsibility and roles

Sikt’s social responsibility

• Sikt shall help companies and users in Education and Research achieve their goals
• Sikt shall develop, administrate, and operate shared digital solutions and infrastructure
• Sikt shall contribute to the secure digitisation of Education and Research while facilitating innovation

Sikt's roles

Provider of shared services

Sikt shall:

• be a preferred provider and partner by delivering good, cost-efficient digital services.
• provide a complete and coherent digital foundation for Education and Research and shall contribute to cooperation across sectors and national borders.
• provide services that strengthen Education and Research in terms of information security, privacy, and data processing.
• provide information security and privacy services as part of the HK-dir (Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills) risk management plan for higher Education. These services are defined in a risk management plan that is approved annually by the ministry in accordance with the Ministry of Education and Research’s governing model for information security and privacy.
• identify and understand user needs, push for shared solutions, and contribute to the realisation of strategies and action plans.

Goals for Sikts work:

Research defines the following goals for Sikts work:

  • Providing education and reserach with good access to infrastructure and shared services with good user experiences.
  • More data sharing to enable innovation and value creation.
  • More open science and new research opportunities.
  • Strenghtened information security and privacy within the knowledge sector.

Sharing data, knowledge and resources

In Norway we have a well established culture for sharing that can be kept and cultivated within a safe framework by technological progress, in close cooperation with key operators.

Safe datasharing between institutions saves resources and enusures the best possible services to all involved: pupils, students, researchers, teachers, and other emplyees.