Sikt AI chat

With Sikt AI chat, you reap the benefits of GPT technology and artificial intelligence, while your privacy and data security are preserved.

With Sikt AI chat, you can ask questions, get help, and engage in conversations. The chat will attempt to respond as accurately as possible.

You can use Sikt AI chat to translate languages, automate routine tasks, or improve and structure text, amongst other things. The use-cases are numerous, and we believe that Sikt AI-chat can help you become more efficient.

Benefits of Sikt AI chat

  • User privacy is preserved
  • The chat is secure
  • Designed for educational use
  • Conversations are stored in users' browsers and are deleted after a maximum of 30 days
  • Microsoft does not know who the end-user is, and Sikt does not store chat history
  • The information is not used to further train the AI model
  • Supports GPT 3.5 and GPT 4.0 – Sikt AI chat will follow future versions from Microsoft
  • Supports federated login (Feide)
  • Supports English, Norwegian Bokmål, and Norwegian Nynorsk
  • 1-month notice period
  • Solutions for cost control
  • Sikt will continue to develop the service together with our customers

About Sikt AI chat

The Sikt AI chat uses a language model built on GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), which is developed by OpenAI and provided by Azure. The Sikt AI chat is as smart and uses the same language model as ChatGPT.

The model has read and learned from a large amount of text, so it can understand patterns in the language. For example, how words are used together, what is grammatically correct, and what information is relevant.

This makes it capable of trying to predict what comes next in a sequence of words. For example, if you write "How is", the model could complete with "the weather today?" or another suitable continuation based on what it has learned.

The most well-known GPT models are GPT 3.5-turbo and GPT 4. Both are available in our service.

Grensesnittet til Sikt KI-chat, skjermbilde.

We have taken a number of measures to ensure that Sikt AI Chat is secure:

  • Split up access to data - Microsoft does not know who the end user is, and Sikt does not store chat history.
  • Users' conversation threads are only stored in the browser and are deleted after a maximum of 30 days.
  • Information is not used to further train the model.
  • We automatically delete user profiles if the service is not used.
  • The service is in line with GDPR and Norwegian law.

Our goal with Sikt AI Chat is to make GPT technology available to higher education and research as securely as possible.

Sikt does not store the chat history of the users. We see the users' login information, i.e., what is registered in the Feide login, and technical log data.

With Sikt AI Chat you can be sure that your data will not be astray. Only Sikt and our subcontractors have access to the data, and they will not be shared with anyone else.

The GPT model is provided by Microsoft and the service runs on Platon, our development platform and our runtime environment running on an Amazon Web Services platform (AWS).

Why have we split up access to data?

We have split up access to data to make the chat more secure, and to make it harder to use the chat to identify individual users.

Microsoft har ikke tilgang til brukernes identitet. Men de må behandle input i chatten (prompts) for at Sikt KI-chat skal kunne gi et output (svar), og for å sikre at vilkårene for bruk av tjenesten blir fulgt.

To ensure that Microsoft does not have access to the user's identity, the AI chat only sends a randomly generated Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) to Microsoft along with the input. Only Sikt can link a UUID to a person. The UUID also changes every billing period. We do this so that a profile cannot be created for specific UUIDs.

Microsoft stores all queries and output data (chat history) for 30 days to be able to analyze and detect cases of recurring content and/or behavior that may violate accepted use and product terms. They classify this mechanically. This means that no people at Microsoft assess the data, except if it has been classified as a violation of the terms. Only then will specially authorized individuals at Microsoft in Europe have access to these data.

We at Sikt only store the users' login information, i.e., what is registered in the Feide login, UUID, information about the user's acceptance of the terms of use and technical log data. We do not store the content of the chat history.

In this way, neither Sikt nor Microsoft can independently access the chat history of an identified user.

We want it to be easy for our customers to use Sikt AI-chat. Therefore, we have conducted a full privacy assessment that gives a complete overview of the processing of personal data.

We have conducted these legal assessments:

  • Privacy assessment of the service
    • Assessed roles - who is the data controller and data processor
    • Assessed the privacy and data processing agreements of our subcontractors
  • Created a privacy statement
  • Created terms of use
  • Created data processing agreements for customers

The increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) in society has opened up many new opportunities for research and higher education. However, GPT tools (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) handle large amounts of user information. Therefore, it is important that there are tools that handle privacy and data security in a good way.

Sikt is the service provider to research and education. One of our missions is to contribute to secure digitization in research and education and facilitate innovation. We also aim to be a preferred provider and partner by delivering good and cost-effective digital services.

There has been a high demand for good and secure tools that allow students, researchers, and employees to use GPT technology, while at the same time safeguarding the privacy and data security of the users.