Notify changes in the project

Sometimes you will need to make changes to the project after the notification form has been completed and assessed. If the changes affects the processing of personal data, you must notify us about them and receive a new assessment.

Which changes should you notify Sikt about?

Only changes that have implications for our assessment of the project, including changes in the processing of personal data, should be notified to Sikt.

Examples of changes you should notify Sikt about:

  • change of date for project completion (date for anonymisation of collected data)
  • changes to the sample, if this affects the criteria for consent (eg. if you plan to include children or persons with reduced capacity to consent)
  • changes to the type of data being collected (especially if you are to collect sensitive personal data)
  • additional methods
  • change of project leader
  • change of institution responsible for the project (data controller)

Which changes should not be notified?

Examples of changes that it is not necessary to notify are:

  • change of title
  • minor changes to the number of informants
  • insignificant changes to the sample or questions in a survey/interview guide

How to notify of the change(s)

Changes are notified when you:

  • Log in via My page, and enters the change(s) in the notification form.
  • Describes the changes under "Additional Information" or in the message dialog.
  • Wait for an answer. You can not initiate the changes until you have recieved an answer.

Are you unsure whether you should notify us about changes to your project? Please contact us using the dialogue in the Notification Form.

How to notify changes in a project assessed before 20th July 2018

If your project was assessed before 20th July 2018, you must re-register your project using our new Notification Form. This is necessary due to new legislation (General Data Protection Regulation and new Personal Data Act).

NB: Please indicate your current project number (5-digits) under 'additional information' in the form and explain why you are re-registering your project.

Contact with Sikt's Data Protection Services