Surveybanken (the Survey Bank) contains research data from the social sciences, humanities, and medical and health research. You can search for several thousands of questions/variables across different surveys going back to 1957.

Surveybanken represents a new approach for finding, analysing, and sharing survey data. Instant visualisation and an analysis tool gives efficient overview of the data.

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Frequently asked questions

Surveybanken contains around 3000 surveys from 1957 until today. All recent surveys have been manually processed and curated by Sikt's data scientists.

Each of the surveys contains up to 1000 questions on various topics. I.e environmental conserns, feeling of loneliness or which party one voted for in the last election.

In total, there are around 750 000 questions you can search through.

Some of the data are available in English, some are only avaliable in Norwegian.

Data should meet some criteria to be included in the Survey bank. This is to ensure that data are reusable and of high quality.

Read more about what kind of data that can be archived with Sikt

Some of the data sets can be downloaded after you have logged on, but most must be ordered.

See our guide to ordering research data.