Cyber Security Center for Research and Education

The Cyber Security Center (eduCSC) is the response environment for Norwegian research and higher education. We provide a range of security services, and bring the security expertise in the knowledge sector together.

With our customers and partners we make research and education safer.

Here for the research and education sector

Customers of the Cyber Security Center get a security partner who is here for the research and education sector, and services provided at cost price.

Our domain knowledge makes us the sector’s best guide and pilot. Together with us, the local security environments become part of something much larger, and more people share and increase their knowledge.

What do we do?

The Cyber Security Center for Research and Education is one of Norway’s oldest response environments within cyber security, and is a proud part of Norway's total defense with extensive international contact.

Through our trust networks, we mutually share the threats we see, the assessments we make, and we are there for our customers when incidents occur. Our proximity to the National Research and Education Network, and the wide access to data and threat information, gives us a unique innovative development ability.

Prevent, detect and handle

The Cyber Security Center prevents, detects and handles security incidents in the research and education sector. We assist the local security teams, and partner with Norway’s national security authorities.

Our technical security services contribute to research and education having an adequate reasonable basic security. We provide advisory services within security management and management systems, value overview and value assessment, and preparedness, exercises and continuity.

We unite the information security competence in the knowledge sector, and refine and disseminate guidance based on exchange of experience and shared competence.

Why do we do it?

Norwegian research and education create and manage very valuable knowledge and information, and have attractive information systems.

At the same time, Norway is one of the world's most digitized countries. The potential for exploitation of digitized information values is huge, and the threat actors have a variety of motives and methods.

Our countermeasures must therefore become even more targeted. The Cyber Security Center faces the threat landscape with a broad approach and finely honed competence.

Stronger together

Our ambition is to reach the top management, build risk understanding in the management hierarchy, and reinforce the operational resources of our customers and partners. Our main driving force is that we are stronger together, through community, cooperation and trust.

Together we contribute to a trustworthy research and education sector.

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