User qualifications

You must be a student at an educational organizaton that uses the student information system Felles Studentsystem (FS).

Consent and acceptance of terms

You must read and accept the consent statement in order to use the app.

You must read and approve the terms and conditions on this page in order to use the app.

To access the European Student Card, you must consent to sharing your student status with the EU service ESC-router.

Validity and use of the app

The app is valid as a student ID for various third parties, including student welfare organizations and public transportation companies in Norway.

The app can be used as a student ID in Europe if your educational institution has enabled it.

For the student ID to be valid, you must have an active enrollment, and you must have paid the semester fee and registered for the semester.

If your photo is not displayed in the app, you must be able to present other valid identification along with the app.


Your educational organization is not responsible for fines, misuse, and similar issues.

If your phone runs out of battery or for any other reason does not function, you are responsible for proving your student status through other means.

Updating and storing information

The information in the app is updated at the start of a new semester when you log on. You can also update by pulling down on the screen when you are logged on.

The information is stored locally on your phone, and you do not need to be online to use the app after the initial use.

Technical requirements

The app requires internet access for initial use, to download and open the app, select the educational institution, log in, read and accept the consent statement, and read and approve the terms.

For iOS, version 15 is required (may work on older versions, but we do not support versions that have reached end-of-life with the operating system provider).

For Android, version 12.0 (may work on older versions, but we do not support them) is required.